STOPit Solutions Holiday Reminder

STOPit Solutions Holiday Reminder

Mental Health Support Over the Holidays

While many enjoy the summer break, others may find the isolation from work or school to be difficult. As a reminder, OSIG has partnered with STOPit Solutions to provide a comprehensive school safety and mental wellness program to our members. Students, staff, and family communities are all able and welcome to use STOPit’s Anonymous Reporting System as part of this program offering. 

  • Reminder: One of the best features included in the STOPit Anonymous Reporting System is the 1:1 Anonymous Messenger. For a quick refresh of how to use Messenger, please watch this video.

STOPit’s Anonymous Reporting System is integrated with Crisis Text Line (CTL), a free in-app texting service that allows individuals to communicate with crisis counselor volunteers via SMS messaging, 24/7, directly from the STOPit mobile app. It is the only anonymous reporting system to have a direct integration with Crisis Text Line.

  • Crisis Text Line is particularly helpful during school breaks when trusted adults may not be easily accessible.

If your district has not yet adopted the STOPit Anonymous Reporting System and School Safety Program, inclusive of STOPit Messenger and Crisis Text Line, please contact Brya Stewart and ask how to add this life-saving program to your school community.