Physical Security

Physical Security

When it comes to school security, it is undoubtedly better to be proactive than reactive. Physical security measures need to be in place to stop an active shooter. United Educators has an adaptable checklist to help schools remain a safe space to learn.

The list highlights:

  • Who, when and how visitors may enter
  • How to prepare buildings
  • Intruder detection systems
  • Classroom security
  • Surveillance and alarms
  • Emergency communication systems

Find the complete, printable Physical Security Checklist here



What to have in your security and access control policies including entry control, intruder detection, and classroom security

Details on security and surveillance technology including alarm systems and communication systems

Who, when, how (ID? Screening Point like a vestibule? Inspect bags? Wear ID? Sign Out?) to enter

School building prep:

  • Single point of entry and exit for students, faculty, and visitors
  • Doors locked
  • Exterior doors lack hardware (locks and handles)
  • Who has keys to classrooms

Intrusion detection system in place? (sensors, delayed opening, video, alarms)

Classroom security

  • Doors 
  • Safe Havens
  • Windows


  • Where
  • How is it monitored
  • Who monitors


Emergency Communications System (how and who)