Mid year servicing

The casualty policies issued by OSIG are designed to insure entities protected by the Oklahoma Governmental Tort Claims Act (“Act”). Entities to whom the Act does not apply do not gain the protections of the Act through inclusion in such a casualty policy. To include a third part as an additional insured on a casualty policy could expose OSIG to additional liability, against which OSIG is not designed to insure.

While requests by members for inclusion of third parties as additional insured will be denied, requests by members for a Certificate of Insurance to provide to third parties will be granted. Upon receipt of such a request, OSIG will furnish the member with a copy of the Declarations Page from the member’s casualty policy.

Contact your agent and they will initiate a Loss Runs request on your behalf.
Reach out to your agent, and they will initiate an endorsement request to add or remove a vehicle or property on your behalf.
If both schools are covered by OSIG insurance, they are required to inform their respective agents to ensure that the information is relayed to OSIG. The necessary details include the Year, Make, Model, complete VIN number, and the Actual Cash Value (ACV).

You may use the code 10020 as it corresponds to the reinsurance code of United Educators.

While OSIG has safety concerns about vans with 10+ passenger capacity, we will provide coverage. Oklahoma’s regulations apply, and we will inquire on compliance, including markings and safety standards. Vans with 10+ passengers must meet all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) for school buses, even with a seat row removed – indicated by a sticker placed inside the vehicle’s door.


Certainly, you have the option to switch agents. To facilitate this change, we need to have a Broker Agreement on record for the new agent you intend to switch to.
Typically, we begin issuing quotes in early May
We ask that you submit all pages of the renewal information by mid April.
Yes. Builders Risk projects under 2.5M can be added and any additional premium will be waived. Builders Risk projects over 2.5M will be charged at the standard rate.
We accept both full payment and offer the option of a three (3) payment plan as well.
Yes, just notify us of the change and we can update the schedule before releasing the renewal proposal.


OSIG is non-profit public entity formed by an Interlocal Agreement among Oklahoma’s public school districts. Owned and guided by an active superintendent board, our focus is firsthand knowledge of state school challenges. We’re dedicated to quality coverage and service for our members, at competitive rates.
OSIG is dedicated to provide cost-effective coverage, all the while safeguarding the financial robustness our members depend upon. The outcome? Over 98 percent of OSIG’s members renew their membership each year.
OSIG’s financial position is excellent. With consistent underwriting practices, a strong reinsurance program, and favorable investment outcomes, OSIG stands unrivaled in its financial strength across diverse market scenarios. Our financial statements and audit reports are made available to the public, assuring our members that OSIG will reliably continue to be here to deliver the benefits promised in our coverage agreements.
Absolutely. OSIG is committed to creating opportunities for members to mitigate risk by providing an array of no-cost value-added services to enhance member benefits. Including Vector Solutions, STOPiT Solutions, Beazley and HSB. (Make these link to “Our Services” page.