When Filing a Claim

In the event of experiencing a claim, it is crucial to promptly notify your insurance agent for immediate assistance. It is equally vital to provide your agent with detailed information regarding the loss. Your agent will then initiate the claim reporting process to OSIG on your behalf.

If your agent is unavailable, you can directly report your claim to the OSIG administrative claim team. We understand the significance of quick action and comprehensive information when dealing with claims, and our dedicated team is here to support you throughout the process.



General Liability

Cyber Liability

Deadly Weapon Protection

Prompt claim reporting is key in mitigating damages and also in reducing your exposure to litigation. OSIG depends on you to include all available information in an expeditious manner, as this valuable documentation will be used in defending OSIG cases.

Cyber Claims Reporting

Suspected data breaches or other data incidents should be notified direct to Beazley by – These must be made immediately to Beazley and OSIG.

Toll Free 24 hour hotline

What to do following a deadly weapon event:

If a Deadly Weapon Event occurs, or is believed to have occurred, contact the Event Responder via the Crisis Management Response Team:

Toll Free 24 hour hotline